Best Online Business To Start During A Recession (2022)

The 2022 Recession is just around the corner! So let’s talk about the best business models you could start right now, to earn some extra income or to even replace your 9-5 job.
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Best Recession Proof Online Businesses To Start In A Recession (2022)

Look, the cost of living is going up.

Inflation is rising every day…

Rising at a faster rate than monthly salaries, rising at a faster rate than your gross annual 9-5 wage, even with pay rises!

This problem could be catastrophic for people relying on one source of income, relying solely on their 9-5 job.

The situation is going to get worse and worse.

By the looks of things, the cost of your everyday goods, food, gas and other living expenses are going to continue to rise.

& if you’re still relying on one source of income, you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb.

You probably only have a few months left until things really go downhill.

But the question is…

What the f*ck are you going to do about it?!
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