Creating a map – resources

To understand the placement of resources (and props or reclaim) we need to understand why we are placing them. In this video I explain a theory that I commonly apply to making maps: the idea of allowing the map to reward the player for certain type of behavior.

A quote of the message in the LOUD discord about extractors:

That (the amount of extractors) depends on your layout. Personally I like to think in safe extractors, which should be at least 4 / player. Having less is unusual and requires a special build order. Next in line are expandable extractors, which are part of an expansion which should be at least 3 / player (have at least one clear expansion with 3 or more extractors somewhere for each player). This should reward expanding. Then I think about raidable extractors, which can be between 2 – 6 / player depending on your layout. These should be relative far from a base and easy to raid if left unprotected. This rewards having presence and radar / intel. And last contestable extractors which can be between 1 – 2 / player depending on your layout again. This last category is all about map control and rewarding it by having a slight advantage in mass.

Links that are useful for this series:
Map editor:
World machine:

Hotkeys for the FAF Editor:
Camera translation: hold middle mouse button, move mouse
Camera rotation: hold space bar, move mouse
Slope view: hold left CTRL, G
Change brush size: hold B, left mouse button, move mouse
Change brush strength: hold S, left mouse button, move mouse
Change target: Q to go up 1 unit, A to go down 1 unit
Set target: hold left CTRL, left mouse button

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00:00:00 Creating a preview
00:01:00 Overview
00:01:40 Resources that are safe
00:03:05 Resources that are part of an expansion
00:04:10 Resources that are raidable
00:05:05 Map layout as a reward mechanic
00:06:45 Resources that are contestable
00:10:00 Rounding up
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