Great Franchise Ideas for Police or First Responders

Difficult times right now for Officers! There are many franchise options and loan programs available to help transition into a franchise. Franchising can provide the structure and support to help new business owners succeed. Certain franchises are great options for ex-police, we’ll take a look today on Franchise City.
Franchise businesses provide benefits to new business owners like support, training, marketing, branding and can be a good option for first time entrepreneurs. Police, like ex-military, bring a lot of benefits to the business and many of the traits learned as an officer can be leveraged in a franchise business.
Crime Scene Cleanup. This can be a very profitable industry, however most civilians are reluctant to do this type of work. This business can be quite lucrative, It’s not unusual for a cleanup that might take a few hours to bill in the thousands of dollars. This is a highly fragmented market, not a lot of big names in the industry so a Franchise can provide a standardized model that most of your customers will prefer.
You will be providing services like Suicide/Homicide Cleanup, Decomposition/Undiscovered Cleanup, someone passes away and the body is not discovered for some time, and yes, the body is gone but there is cleanup required. Blood/Biohazard Cleanup, Odor Removal, Emergency Vehicle Decontamination, Jail Cell Cleaning, Hoarders/Clutter Cleanup, Meth Lab Recovery and more. The business is a need, not a want, so is recession proof.
The ideal candidate is someone who not only is OK with the cleanup itself, but also good with people and developing business relationships. Your client base will include Home Owners, FBI and Governmental Agencies, Property Management Companies, Police and Fire Departments, Medical Examiners or Coroners and similar types of agencies. Part of building your business is developing relationships with these groups so you should have some social skills. With homeowners this is usually a difficult time so being caring and compassionate is also important. Total investment is around $80,000 to $120,000 financing is available, if you have a job in place we have no money down financing available now, call your Franchise City broker for details.
Next, a security type of business is great for ex-officers and can be quite profitable. Security revenues have increased substantially over the last few years and are unlikely to drop anytime soon. With security monitoring you can also develop a passive income as there is a recurring monthly fee your clients pay for the security monitoring which you of course are not responsible for, it is outsourced. So as you build up your accounts, you are also building a significant saleable asset, which you can sell if you decide to exit. The more accounts you manage the more your business is worth. Again with this type of business you should have some social skills as you are presenting to business and homeowners. Investment is about the same range $80,000 to $120,000
If you have a slightly higher budget there are certain automotive franchises that actually waive the entire franchise fee, so $35,000 to $40,000, if you are ex military or ex first responder. Beyond the franchise fee there are costs associated like your buildout, equipment costs, and paying employees as your business ramps up, so buyers should have at least $75,000 in liquid capital, your total investment ranges from $200-$500k and SBA financing is available with about 30% down. If you have a 401k you can also reallocate those funds which can have tax benefits as well. Owning a garage again you should be personable, good with hiring and training employees. No automotive experience is necessary, you are hiring those skills.
There are many franchises that claim to be police friendly, but they often use that positioning as a selling tool. When you look at these companies, their financials just dont stand up. So be careful.
Obviously not all officers have the same skills and personality types, if those 3 arent a fit we have hundreds of others to look at for example
Staffing Franchise 6.4m average revenue – $150k Investment
Senior Care Franchise 1.8m average revenue – $120k Investment
Cleaning Franchise – 1.4m average revenue – $120k Investment
Flooring Franchise – $900k average revenue – $70k Investment,

We have hundreds more and resales as well.

If you are looking at buying a franchise whether you are police, veteran or civilian – call Franchise City! Dont go direct to the franchise always to wonder if you made the right choice, our brokers will help you avoid mistakes and find the best option. To learn more about our service or about any of the brands we discussed today