How to Franchise Your Business with Chris Conner.

Franchise industry expert, Chris Conner, President of FMSFranchise walks us through How to Franchise Your Business in this straightforward video discussing the process, the work and whether you should franchise your business model.

The video covers some important elements related to the franchise development and franchise growth process:

1. What are the best ways to raise capital to grow your business and scale your Brand? Mr. Conner compares franchising to debt funded growth, company owned growth and traditional partnership growth.

2. What are the benefits to franchising your business and how does the process work when you franchise a business model.

3. Key benefits to vested owner operator franchisees vs. company owned, employee managed locations.

4. Franchise laws and regulations from a federal and state level standpoint.

5. Review of what is covered in a Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement.

6. Discussion around the Item 19 in a Franchise Disclosure Document.

7. How to write and develop your franchise operations manual and franchise training program.

8. How to market and sell your franchise to effectively add units and scale your brand through franchising.

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