My Discussion on ‘The Matrix’ Franchise on 4K Blu-ray

The first discussion on my physical media collection. I go over what I like and dislike about the packaging, some info on the discs, and my overall thoughts on the franchise.

I had a lot of difficulty with the audio as the mic audio did not properly record and had to use the backup audio recording which is not as good. Cleaned it up as best I could but I think its serviceable at best.

Been editing this for a bit and I am aware of a few small errors in the video, but I’ve been working on this for too long and would rather it be complete than perfected. Otherwise it would never be done. I did manage to cover some mistakes through funny editing.

Hope you enjoyed the video. If you or someone you know likes to discuss physical media then please share, like, and subscribe.

—– Contents —–
00:00 – Prologue
00:16 – Intro
01:44 – Matrix 4k Packaging
06:55 – Matrix Reloaded 4k Packaging
08:59 – Matrix Revolutions 4k Packaging
13:07 – Matrix Resurrections 4k Packaging
18:21 – Thoughts on The Matrix Film
19:56 – Thoughts on Collection Packs
21:15 – Thoughts on Reloaded and Revolutions Films
23:58 -Thoughts on Sequel Reception
26:04 – Thoughts on Resurrections
32:06 – Epilogue