Pros and Cons of Franchising a Business

Have you ever considered becoming a franchisee for a company like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, or 7-Eleven? You could be on the right path!
There’s a bunch of pros and cons when it comes to franchising. A franchise business can be profitable and allows you to select from a wide range of business opportunities, the majority of which are available globally. Starting a franchise business can be tough at times, but with the right attitude and guidance, you can achieve entrepreneurial success.

So, what exactly is a franchise, and is it worth investing in one? Do you think that a franchising business will be costly and restrictive? It’s worth noting that many franchise business owners are pleased with their decisions because of their high success rate. Take notes as we discuss the pros and cons of franchise business in this video to help you decide.

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Brand Awareness
01:45 High Success Rate
02:29 Ready to Go
03:14 Professional Training
03:53 Costly
04:32 Restrictive
05:07 Termination of Contract


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