The Best Pikmin: Complete Franchise Analysis

It is finally time for me to unveil why the channel hasn’t had any new videos in…what, 3 months? Psh. Anyways, YES I’ve been hard at work on this analysis of one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. I set out to answer:

“What is the best Pikmin game in the franchise?” and after months of script writing, playing, and editing I’ve finally come to a conclusion. This is more than just answering that question however, as this video evolved from just that to an in depth look at what makes the Pikmin series tick, and what nuances separate each game from the last.

This was by far the most work I’ve ever put into a video in my entire life, and I hope that instead of creating controversy, it instead inspires discussion about a series I know that so many of you love!


0:00:00 Pikmin 1
00:03:24 Pikmin 1 Story
00:06:40 Pikmin 1 Gameplay
00:12:12 Pikmin 1 Locations
00:20:30 Pikmin 1 Challenge Mode

Pikmin 2
00:21:40 Pikmin 2 Story
00:27:15 Pikmin 2 Gameplay
00:36:15 Pikmin 2 Locations/The Caves
00:49:21 Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode
00:50:20 Pikmin 2 Two Player Battle Mode

Pikmin 3
00:54:40 Pikmin 3 Story
00:59:55 Pikmin 3 Gameplay
01:17:05 Pikmin 3 Locations
1:32:33 Pikmin 3 Mission Mode
1:35:27 Pikmin 3 Bingo Battle

Conclusion: 1:37:30

While most of the footage was my own, some supplementary footage was provided from other channels who’ve done their own Pikmin content, to pad out areas that I didn’t necessarily have the footage for, these channels being:

Hawlo (seriously thank YOU the most)
GilvaSunner (for most of the music)
Claris Robyn

Thank you all for watching!