The True Cost of Owning and Operating a DTG Printing Business

Are you looking into purchasing a DTG printer to start a print on demand business or launch your clothing brand? In this video we dive into the true cost of owning and operating a direct to garment printer. Interested in learning more?:

DTG Printers have fueled the rise of Print On Demand business models and are here to stay with the rise of eCommerce. They allow customers to print one design at a time, with little prep work in between jobs. Making this type of equipment ideal for businesses that are launching eCommerce stores with hundreds of options for their customers. But is purchasing this type of equipment ideal for your business?

The true cost of ownership begins with financing of equipment, but it doesn’t end there. In this video we dive into the aspects of the operation you should be considering before making an investment into DTG equipment. We also interview Gabriel Lopera with Gush Apparel who shares his journey into starting a DTG business after leaving a 6 figure corporate job.

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0:00 How Much Does it Cost To Operate a Direct To Garment Business
0:55 How To Calculate The Cost To Operate a DTG Business
3:29 Breaking Down The Math of Running A DTG Business
5:15 How Profitable is a DTG Printing Business
6:15 Creating a Profitable DTG Printing Business
7:56 What You Need To Operate a DTG Business
9:58 How Long Does it Take to Print T-Shirts With DTG
10:08 The Reality Of Starting a Print On Demand Business
13:25 The Learning Curve To Running a DTG Business
14:57 Cons of Starting a DTG Printing Business
16:56 The Keys To DTG

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