You’ll NEVER Guess This Franchise Consultant’s Top 2022 Brand

Learn The Daly Coach’s top franchise brand in 2022 in this inspiring interview with Barry Van Over, CEO of Premier Martial Arts.

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Many of you may be wondering why I have a martial arts franchise on my show. Well, I’m going to tell you! This little business, Premier Martial Arts, is the number one company that The Daly Coach has helped people say yes to in 2020 and 2021—and I predict that will continue in 2022. I will lay out all the reasons here.

Barry Van Over is the founder and CEO of Premier Martial Arts. He’s been doing this since 2004—owning his own martial arts studios and starting a martial arts consulting company. Premier Martial Arts itself was a licensing program for a long time, and then recently, they moved into franchising. A lot of franchises start off as licensing programs, but not all of them convert that licensing to their new franchise model. They have converted 100% of their licensed locations, which have come on board and signed franchise agreements. Their first franchise sale was in August of 2019, and they are at 555 units sold with 181 new franchise owners.

There are going to be black belts and people who are interested in martial arts that will go looking for a martial arts franchise—but the vast majority of people, like an executive in career transition or an investor looking for diversification, aren’t thinking martial arts. Here’s why I believe it’s so great.

The characteristics I love about this business are a thousand square foot box. It’s small, and it’s a destination location. It doesn’t have to be on the main drag, which means you don’t need big rent. The business opens with two employees, one full-time manager, not the owner, and one instructor. The business is only open Monday through Thursday, one Saturday a month, with minimal hours of operation from three to seven. Then, you look at the earnings claim. This is membership model, so it’s recurring revenue. It has controllable fixed costs and reoccurring revenue that can keep growing.

If you’ve been on, you’ve certainly heard me talk about why I don’t show people food. I don’t show food because you can never escape the cost. You always have the cost of the food and the labor to make the food. In a business like Premier Martial Arts, once you get past your fixed costs and keep building your membership, what happens to your bottom line? It grows like that.

When I send my franchise candidates for discovery days, they quickly find out the return on their investment. They realize that it’s super semi-absentee and the school’s only open four days a week if that’s what they want with minimal staff. They can keep things super simple and be semi-absentee for an investment that is going to be a great return but also changes lives. The owners have the opportunity to change lives through the martial arts and empower their community by helping kids and adults with so many different benefits that martial arts has, like perseverance, discipline, respect, building character, and leadership. Then all of a sudden, it connects with them. That’s why it’s one of the top franchise brands in the country right now—and you don’t need to know anything about martial arts!

The corporate team works hard and has a great team. Barry has been focusing on scaling the corporate company to handle new growth to ensure they can provide the same level of service for all the new owners that they have provided to existing owners. They spend a lot of time, energy, and money making sure they can handle this new growth and take care of their new franchisees. This all just speaks to a franchisor who actually cares about the success of his franchisees.

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